“Do not let your progress
be the hindrance
of your progress”

– Eleni Sarantinou

The multi-dimensional and inclusive aspects have been a driving force in my life – traveling the world and living in different places; reaching out to every corner around the globe is one of the fastest way to expand within. Mindsets need to be fed new ideas and new ways and I would not have it any other way in personal or professional level. A whole-some approach in every domain is what I am after and I will move from country to country and practice to practice to get results and keep moving and learning. Coaching, NLP Courses, Leadership, The brain, Emotional Intelligence, Financial Freedom, Parenting Skills, Entrepreneurship, Empowerment and making a difference in people’s lives, they all have my attention!

NLP Courses

A light was turned on in an instant when I realized the power of the unconscious, the rest is history. Fast-forward 15 years and life has truly never been the same again. This gift of profound change became a superb means of self-realization, far more inner-balance and results. Shortly after, it became change of career. The benefits of NLP are undisputable and a must whatever your path in life is. NLP gives you awareness, direction and clarity. Life Spheres NLP essentials and Certification courses are unique in creating intimate environments. Always keeping the groups up to 10 participants, there is knowledge in abundance, sharing and an experiential character that creates lasting change.

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Corporate Trainings

Deep levels of awareness, clear proven methodologies and the latest tools and techniques are the core of each corporate training with Business Spheres. Whether it is Leadership & Influence, Developing New Managers, Emotional Intelligence, Conflict Resolution, Sales & Negotiation or Public Speaking Trainings, there is always solid foundation to build on accountability, lasting change and shift while providing undeniable experiences. A main theme across all Business Spheres Trainings proposed is understanding essential concepts of the Brain and Human Nature. My vision has always been to offer solutions for life, customised trainings according to each organization’s needs and the latest best practices in thinking and doing. In life as in business, a strong and flexible mindset is key for results. Self-motivation and motivating others is a way of moving forward and growing. Mastering emotional management and understanding language ensure climates of trust and understanding any time anywhere.

Coaching – Life, Executive,
Leadership, Any!

Taking responsibility has little to do with blaming ourselves or others. It is actually the direction of our mind choosing to distance itself from excuses and the blame game. There is a comfortable feeling that goes with it because we can freeze time by keeping us where we are, and take on the avatar of The Victim. Every day, we have in front of us the choice: either continue to play the game and not get the results we hope to get or change the game and move forward to ‘places’ we could not even grasp with the imagination. Taking control of our own lives, voting for emotional freedom, knowing how to handle our failure and how to celebrate and maintain our success are all ingredients of ‘living life’ as it is meant to be experienced – enjoyably while creating and contributing.

I am here to help, support, more than anything listen and motivate. Looking forward to getting to creating WIN-WIN-WIN situations for your life and your team.


“I’m so glad l I joined your NLP Practitioner course: so many insights and practical exercises to take back home in order to carry on this personal self-development journey! Thank you so much for your kindness, support, the laughter and the cries. You are unique and I look forward to the Master Practitioner program in 2018! :)”

- Pascale Fioretti

“It was a midsummer day when I just “felt” it was right and decided to try. After all I had already tried a psychiatrist, a psychologist, yoga studies, meditation, books, music, friends, motherhood, a divorce, a career (or maybe two!) I still needed to go somewhere, to do something, to find someone, to get answers…a change!

Coach Eleni Sarantinou , sweet and gentle yet serious and professional , has provided great sessions, assigned challenging taskings and sent me tones of positive energy!

She made me feel special and precious and it felt like she is my best friend ,a devoted follower ,an enchanted admirer , yet the most cruel and cunning little gremlin that I have ever known!

She showed me how to open the window to a magical new world where gremlins and fairies are living together in peace!”

- Aliki Arouh

“After hearing multiple excellent recommendations, I travelled from Switzerland to Malaysia to attend Eleni’s NLP practitioner course in October 2015. This decision was very rewarding and the experience exceeded all of my expectations. The course gave me incredible tools, both for my professional and personal life. I am realizing their effects on a daily basis. I could not have imagined a better coach than Eleni. She is an intelligent, warm, authentic human being that makes every single person feel welcomed, special and empowered. Thank you!!”

- Aurelie Macias

“The NLP Practitioner course gave me insights about how my brain works and how my values & beliefs guide me throughout my life. I have now learnt to become aware of my strategies, I can remodel strategies that do not work for me and empower strategies that bring me where I want to be.”

- Sanne Janssen-Martens

“Eleni is a warm, genuine person who has a knack for creating rapport and building trust. She has coached me several times over the past few years and helped me to view things from a different perspective. She has supported me in my journey towards my goals and kept me focused.”

Jenny Johnson

“Great experience! Valuable learnings & findings for myself to rely on and to build on that for my future! I wouldn’t change any moment of this, it gave me so much as ‘educational’ background and at the same time the uniqueness of Eleni cannot be described with words; the way she presented things and to put them in everybody’s mind, her humor, her character. Also I appreciated all EXTRA services included! Thank you!”

- Eleni Kotopoulou

“Eleni has a unique style – organic, full of passion and energy and incredibly hands-on. She allows us to express ourselves and encourages thought provoking discussions, which lead to many personal discoveries. She is able to spot trends during the course and then adjust its direction based on the personalities involved. This flexibility is a great asset and that in itself is a valuable lesson alongside the necessary syllabus.”

- Mou Hashimi

“As a seasoned, Supply Chain, IT Business consultant, I found the training absolutely amazing, it identified areas of my business practices which can be updated and improved to a higher level of effectiveness. Since the training, I have totally revised my Business Model and integrated my NLP learnings to offer a more resourceful and effective service.”

- Rob Harper

“Having experienced being coached by Eleni it really helped me to unclutter my mind and give me focus. When she then continued by working her Feng Shui magic in my home it certainly felt good, even some of the tougher challenges of de-cluttering my home has made a big impact on who I am. Thanks Eleni for helping me let go of the unnecessary emotions and baggage I had been carrying for a long time! My home is now a mirror of me.”

- Wendy Shaw

“Having experienced being coached by Eleni it really helped me to unclutter my mind and give me focus. When she then continued by working her Feng Shui magic in my home it certainly felt good, even some of the tougher challenges of de-cluttering my home has made a big impact on who I am. Thanks Eleni for helping me let go of the unnecessary emotions and baggage I had been carrying for a long time! My home is now a mirror of me.”

- Wendy Shaw

“Eleni is empathic, caring and bursting with positive energy – all at the same time. She is a truly inspirational teacher who takes a personal interest in all her students. I learned so much on the Master Practitioner course and it’s also given me a lot to take me forward in life. As for the location, Amorgos is spectacular: stunning natural beauty, warm open and generous people and great food! I can only speak of Eleni, the course and the location in the highest positive terms. Simply the best!”

- Carol Daubny

“I studied Psychology in Greece as a college student and then dedicated 8 years of my life immersing myself in the study of Tibetan Buddhist Philosophy. This NLP course was the missing ingredient for bridging this knowledge between western approach to the psyche, eastern approach to mind and life. The NLP course provided me the practical tools to integrate and unite all the knowledge I have been accumulating in all those years.”

- Zetta Koutsokera

“The NLP practitioner course is the beginning of a long and very interesting journey. I guess from now on I will never think the same(or be the same). And it’s not only about knowledge I got or the way I think.. It changed something in me which is much deeper and I can see results of it in every day life. Being very friendly Eleni managed the course with high level of professionalism. She could explain serious and look at very difficult topics in a way that everyone understands it easily. She made these 8 days not just a course ,she made it a voyage (a voyage to new me).”

- Tatyana Danilova

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