What is the most important part of a talk? Slides and props can be useful, yes, but what someone is about, that is more important. Building character, expanding one’s mindset and growing as a person are ingredients of a constant life-long preparation. This is one of my core beliefs. It is not about that one talk. It is not only about investing 2 or 10 hours to prepare an outline and the content. It is truly about a constant self-search and self-growth.

I prepare for public speaking events well before they are on my calendar and, once I’m in front of an audience, I focus on the people; from that moment on, it is about them and THAT moment in time. What do they care about on that day? What made them come, what is their emotional state, what ideas and solutions do they hope to hear about? What do they unconsciously communicate? In other words, I pick up on the vibe and the mood of the audience. I love to do research and now, as a professional public speaker, part of this research is always ‘people’. This means that I observe, read about, and connect with myself and others. Doing this helps me understand what is on my mind and the minds of others. This way, I create far more meaningful and original content, fully relying on my unconscious and conscious synergy.

By the time I’m on stage, I will have already created and rehearsed my presentation many times, thought about what type of language to use, analysed my beliefs regarding the subject that I’m speaking on, and worked on any technical aspects of the speech. Then, it is time to present and at that moment, all voices stop in my head and I am open to “feeling” and “hearing” what the audience wants to learn and reflect on. Open discussion and Q & A are two of my favourite parts of public speaking. These sessions are very experiential, and they are a great chance to engage with mindsets of all walks of life. Sometimes, an audience is both cool and warm, and this can make for an interesting speech.

The brain and the power of the unconscious are my favourite subjects; however, I also care a lot about relationships, business, leadership. money, spirituality, parenting, health, and all kinds of personal and career growth!

Regardless of who my audience is, I genuinely enjoy public speaking. So, if you are a corporation that is looking for some extra inspiration during an event, an orphanage looking to inspire kids to aim for a better future, or an association that needs a strong message of empowerment, I will be happy to help! Free of charge for a session of 1.5 hours, I will be delighted to hear from you and create a memorable get together and event!

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My loyal accessory: just a flip chart, memorable and useful!

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