Perception Projection Book

My writing of the book Perception Projection has been a special experience for me. The mindset of “Perception is Projection” has become a personification, which became a holistic part of my being! I use it to keep an inward focus on feedforwarding, feedbacking and changing myself to become what I can become as I interact with the people around me. All research spent during the last 3 years is definitely worth it. Delving deep into the inner fundamental workings of the brain and speaking with some of the brightest minds in NLP, Psychology, Neuroscience, Business and Leadership has left an indelible mark that I will carry all my life.

I remember starting to write the book inspired and raring to go. I poured in about 100,000 words in a few days, then picking them apart and distilling them into well-thought points of discussion. The 9 basic principles materialized in a few brainstorming sessions and repetitions. I made mistakes. I got bored. Despaired. Finally, I rekindled the fire and managed. Made some headway. Shared. I grew. The book is a reflection of that process. In essence, it’s all about constant self-reflection and self-observation that any professional can benefit from.

Perception Projection is a business book about leadership. The 9 basic principles will help you on your everyday experiences at work and serve as insights on how to manage your work-life balance. It inspired me to create another one of the same vein- The “Perception Projection” for relationships, it’s due in 2018 – no time to waste!.
All I can say is that it has been a wonderful journey. Perception Projection is set to be released in ebook format, then a hard copy a few months later. Are you ready for a great change?
Special thanks to all my believers and supporters. I dedicate this book to all of you!