NLP Conference 2017
Sleight of Mouth Patterns & Beyond
by Eleni Sarantinou

All good things must have a starting point, and so it is with this Year One debut of the ANLP hosting the all-important annual conference. As with all things that are new, the possibilities are endless.

As an ANLP member for 7 years, many neuronic and heartfelt thanks are in order. No literary aphonia here, as ANLP has done me proud through their systemic support, their host of independent characters, sharing of humor and hummus, that has helped transform me into the electric person you see before you.

As a scheduled ANLP speaker, it is an exciting and special time, as there is yet another opportunity to work on my British accent. Raising your hand in class to accept responsibility for the annual NLP Conference not only takes courage, but a certain mental motivation and commitment to see things through to the end. NLP and ANLP are co-conspirators in making a difference – to which they both openly plead guilty.

The NLP Community knows firsthand the importance of nurturing and growth, and individually and collectively we are gathered together to make an even bigger difference. ANLP is one of many NLP additions that function together to create the beatific aura that is the result of our coordinated efforts.

Our future continues to be built on these efforts, increasing the scope and intensity of the aura that generates awareness about NLP, its goals, its hopes – and its possibilities. Our motivation comes from without and within. Each one of us helps to determine the future course of the NLP through our participation and our support.

So wake up and get up! Use your NLP knowledge and share your ideas, make new connections, find someone standing alone and enthrall them with your areas of interest. Someone wiser than me said that every friend was at one time a stranger. Look around the conference and you will see people that are undoubtedly stranger than you. Work together to achieve a new level of normalcy!

Each of us should make the conference a time of new beginnings: of new ideas, new friendships, new connections, and new ways to make a difference regardless of your origins or experience.

Sleight of Mouth is both a concept and a book written by NLP-er Robert Dilts. As each of us uses language to build our model of the world we live in, there is an unintended effect of creating filters that end up being barriers within us. Knowing what the 14 main structures are and being able to use them effectively builds a foundation for change and personal enlightenment.

‘Just like that, we sat with Frank and chatted about life …his life! A beautiful, heart-felt narrative from the co-founder of NLP, in short a genius!’

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