Corporate Social Responsibility

Ever since I was young, I have always loved the virtue of giving, perhaps it’s even the biggest reason I decided to become a life coach. There is that nice, warm feeling that comes with doing something for someone in need and I am sure that you have felt it at some point too. And do you know what the best part is? Businesses leaders and employees can feel this feeling every day of the year by integrating social responsibility into their business strategies. At Life Spheres we came up with creative yet simple ways to give back to the world. Check them out below:

Viva Starfish Project

It is a moral responsibility for business to help improve the communities in which they exist, and better the lives of the people living there. Life Spheres has been a key supporter of the Viva Starfish Project in Malaysia that empowers the poor with the skills they need to re-enter the workforce and be able to cater for their basic needs.

Offering Talks To Orphanages

Life Spheres volunteers regularly to visit various orphanages to inspire and encourage the needy children who have been victims of numerous misfortunes and injustices. We offer them talk sessions that build their confidence, increase their self-worth, and ultimately help them turn out to be dignified members of their communities.

Buy 1, Give 1

I believe that business shouldn’t just give; they should make sure that their generosity has an impact. At Life Spheres we want to make sure that all that we give is meaningful and that’s why we joined the B1G1 community which helps millions of poor people around the world. For every participant in our courses, we give a percentage to the B1G1 community.

Donation of T-Shirt Sales In Support of UNICEF

Children should be a top priority in any company’s CSR strategy because they are often the ones in the greatest need. Life Spheres donates all our branded T-shirts sales to the UNICEF to help them feed, save and protect the lives of innocent children going through tough times. We also don’t leave out our customers in our empowerment efforts; each T-shirt comes with an inspiring quote to keep them motivated every day.

Hats In The City Project

Corporate Social Responsibility doesn’t have to be all that serious; with a little creativity, companies can make it fun too. That’s just what it took for the Hats in the City Project to be conceived. Our team volunteered to wear creations of an incredibly talented milliner, take photos in them in various spots in Kuala Lumpur after which they were sold and the proceeds donated to various charities.

Offering Talks To Cancer Patients

I have been a cancer survivor, so you as you might expect, this topic is very close to my heart. Life Spheres often volunteers to visit and talk to cancer patients. We know the hardships they go through and we want to make them feel that they can continue living fulfilling lives.

CEOs Meet Young Talent Program

There is nothing that makes a business stand out like being able to inspire the young in discovering their full potential. Through the collaboration of Dignity Foundation and top executives of major brands like Exploration Malaysia and Omnicom Media Malaysia, Life Spheres was able to make it possible to for talented teenagers to meet up with successful leaders in business and be inspired to follow in their footsteps and become leaders in their communities.

French Charity Bazaar

Christmas presents the perfect opportunity for businesses to give back to the community as it is usually the season of giving. We were so glad to be associated with the French Charity Bazaar that was committed to ensuring that the poor too have a merry Christmas.