The Change6 Book Series

They appeared in my life…seemingly out of nowhere…while I was writing my book Perception Projection. The “they” I’m referring to are Jim & Jim, otherwise known as Jim Britt and Jim Lutes. These two men are two of the biggest names in the personal development field, so there is probably no need for any further introduction.

During our initial phone conversation, they told me about THE CHANGE, a book series dedicated to exploring powerful and thought provoking insights. Each of the book volumes would include 20 chapters designed to take readers on a journey of self discovery and personal change. Here’s the kicker. Each of the chapters would be written by a different co-author.

So, why were they calling me? Well, they were offering to include my work in Volume 7, which was scheduled to be released by July 2015. They told me that I would have five weeks to submit my chapter. Of course, I didn’t hesitate. I immediately said YES! Just like that I started brainstorming ideas. I was beyond excited about this new venture.

Within a few days, I was still contemplating my topic when I received another call from Jim Britt. He had a proposition. Would I consider writing my chapter for Volume 6 instead of 7? Apparently, an author had dropped out and they had a void to fill. I knew I was up for the task, so I asked when they needed it. That’s when I found out that my chapter was due TOMORROW! Actually, when you factor in the time difference (I’m in Malaysia and Jim is in the United States), tomorrow was just 17 hours away.

That night is one that I will never forget. I told my children and husband that they were pretty much on their own. My night would be spent writing if I wanted to deliver the chapter on time. In a way I was very happy that I had less than a day to complete the chapter. It meant I wouldn’t have to spend the next six weeks thinking about it.

By 18:00, I was sitting at my desk with a cup of tea. I knew what I wanted to write about, but I had no idea which angle to start from. At 24:00, my cup of tea was long gone and my Word document was still empty. At 02:00, I still hadn’t moved an inch…I was still sitting in the chair with a blank document in front of me. By 04:00, it all finally came out of me in a flash. What was all these hours in my head managed to get expressed in words.

At 06:00, I sat back. After rapidly typing for the last half hour, I now had my chapter I titled “Sacrifice-less.” It came straight from the heart and I was proud of the results. I realized that this material had been inside of me my entire life. At 06:45, I hit send and my chapter was off to the United States. Despite being exhausted, I helped my kids get ready for school, while constantly checking my email to see if Jim had responded. At 0705, I received a response. It simply said “Ok – good read.”

Just a week later, I was holding a copy of ‘The Change 6’ in my hands. This were to become the first book with my name on it, ‘Perception Projection’ now second. I felt completely liberated after sharing a significant part of me with the world. Jim & Jim are still a big part of my life. They inspire and support me. As Jim Britt says, “I will always respond, call back, write back, because this is what I do, this is what I am.” This is true. They are both caring and committed to making a difference in the world.

Finally, I got to meet Jim & Jim in person during a trip to San Diego a couple of years later. We exchanged stories and discussed our dreams for the future. I had never felt so much love in one place. Both Jim’s eyes showed love and a caring for others. It was really infectious.

Jim Britt has written a number of successful books, but Rings of Truth, his first book, remains closest to his heart. In it, he bares his soul. Although he experienced tremendous success and fame, he has maintained his boyish sweetness and loves to talk about his childhood and lessons of life.

Jim Lutes is definitely a San Diegan with a bit of swag who gets involved anywhere he is needed. He is just as likely to help a homeless man in San Diego as he is to help someone from across the world who reaches out to him even in the middle of the night. When I left California, I carried extra courage, commitment, and collaboration in my suitcase. These two men are largely responsible for it.

Currently, Change is in volume 12 and going strong. The Change 6 is available on Amazon and also in the e-shop of for FREE. I would be deeply honoured to sign it for you and send it to you regardless of where you are with just the postal charges.