My perception of the world changes all the time because it is ‘just’ my very own perception. We all have a different perception of things depending on our very own world inside.

There are times the whole world is smiling at me and then all of a sudden I feel misunderstood. Sometimes I do not recognize my friends anymore because they behave so differently towards me overnight. There are qualities I especially admire in people and then some others I find quite annoying.

What I do in fact is projecting my inner parts to the outside world. Just like looking in the mirror and depending on what I need to work on or compliment myself for, that is what I see opposite of me.

I used to be so annoyed when my family would insist on helping me even when I thought did not need any help. Then I looked inside me and recognized the same passion to give a helping hand even when nobody clearly asks for one. I tend to notice and feel sad about people who fill up their days with millions of things and miss out on time for themselves, stillness and peace of mind. It is so much clearer to me now after the NLP ‘perception-projection’ frame as it is called that this is one of my own tendencies. When I start noticing it again, I know that part of me needs attention and adjustment.

While in one of the NLP courses I attended myself, we used to joke about ‘perception-projection’ all the time as we had come to realize how everything we notice around us comes from a relevant place within. We would give each other feedback and after a passionate speech, it would strike us time and again that every word we said was in fact about us.

It is so common for people to make comments about things, services, relationships or people: ‘If this detail was also taken care of…’ or ‘He/She is very nice but…’; these comments are just how we perceive things and situations. What is happening at that moment is an internal annoyance and dissatisfaction, mostly in unconscious level. Once recognized, a highway of personal growth and development is created.

Source : Life Spheres