Some call it …the ‘bad’ side, Kelly Clarkson just had a hit with the ‘dark side’
Everybody’s got a dark side,

Can you love mine?

Nobody’s a picture perfect

Will you love me even with my dark side?

Another song capturing the eternal journey to be accepted fully, all our sides, parts, dimensions, colours and shapes …and it starts within.Our power within to make friends with all our sides, even the darkest, rudest and most distant.

Daily we have to make decisions on whether we buy or save, be outspoken or quiet, give in to someone’s wish or not.

And sometimes, we have life long struggles whether we stay or go, quit or fight for, take it easy or carry on…

If balance is the key to a happy life, we need the patient side as well as the impatient one, the sweet as well as the firm, the wise as much as the naughty, the obedient next to the revolutionary, the good and the bad; we need them all to be a whole. Then again, we are whole… already.

Accept all our sides, have the parts talk to each other, see each other’s point of view, acknowledge each other and therefore find the way to love. That is what in NLP terms we achieve with ‘Parts Integration’, a technique to have our parts ‘sit down’ together and have a chat. We close our eyes and we can just invite them to sit with us in our imagination’s or memory’s favorite bistrot, tavern or spot under the trees; or we can simply use our hands to picture them.

Source : Life Spheres