Cue Andreas! We met … the Greek way: during a loud get together of Greeks in Kuala Lumpur! Yes, it happens. We bonded instantly, and it felt like we’d known each other for years.

Andreas was born and raised in rural Crete. He quit the prestigious Mathematics University of Athens to pursue his passion for Advertising at the University of Florida. In 1997 he set sail for Asia to establish MediaVest Japan, later merging it with Starcom, in partnership with Dentsu. In 2003, he moved from Japan to Taiwan to re-engineer the MindShare Group. For ten years since 2016 he was the CEO of Omnicom Media Group Malaysia before joining Havas Media as the CEO of the Malaysian group operations on August 2016.

This is a busy man! But as a friend, Andreas has the wonderful quality of being genuinely interested in people and he makes time for anyone whose life he can make a difference to!

So, here is Andreas, mindsets, drive, emotions and more!