Animal Wisdom

Sometimes we do not give quite enough serious thought to how important animals are to our inner growth and peace. We often seem to be thinking only about how we are always taking care of them and enriching their lives with love when it is actually the other way around. We can see everything so much clearer with their help, based upon their inborn capacity for unconditional love. How much better this world would be if we could give unconditional love to each other the way that animals give it to us. We could love one another without wanting to know what’s in it for us. We could put an end to poverty and war just by being more loving and forgiving like the animals are. We would spend more time be warm and compassionate than we do chasing the almighty dollar.

Have you ever watched Cesar Millan, the 47-year-old dog trainer who did the show “Dog Whisperer” from 2004 to 2012? Well, if you have, then you have seen him do magical things with animals. He often told audiences that dog owners would hire him allegedly for their pets, however, he helped those people even more through their animals. As the dogs gained self-confidence and better control of their emotions, so did their owners.

As all true animal lovers know, we are not the only ones on this earth with feelings. Animals have them, too. They just are not able to talk about them as easily as we are. I am sure you have noticed how sad your dog or cat gets when you have to leave the house and they are going to be left alone. Cats often meow when they know you’re leaving. Dogs may whine, howl or even seem to be talking to you and saying ”No, no, don’t go”. Everyone says that animals can’t talk but they come pretty close to it. Right? And, even if they do not make a sound, that forlorn look can say a thousand words, making it hard to leave them.

But, leave them we must at times and it breaks our hearts and theirs. They are both quickly mended, however, when we walk back through the door and they wag their tails in the case of dogs or rub up against our legs if they are cats. There’s nothing more welcoming and forgiving than a pet who loves you unconditionally even after you’ve left them for a little while. That always makes it so good to come home.

Now, I myself am a city dweller and when I was younger I never imagined that someday I would become certified to deal with releasing the trapped emotions of animals. But, I am now engaged in the amazing work of helping animals and their owners using The Emotion Code techniques. How astonishing it can be when a cat who has always been thought of as a mean kitty turns into a sweet animal instantly with appropriate animal therapy. And even more amazing is the fact that, in the process, that cat’s owner is able to release her own pent-up emotions.

One of the best examples of this is horse whispering. Many people had never even heard of this terminology until the release of the 1988 hit Robert Redford film “The Horse Whisperer”, however, it has been around for a very long time. Horse whispering is actually less about whispering than it is about listening to what the horses are saying. The professionals who practice the skill have a fundamental understanding of how to read a horse’s body language as well as the psychology of horses.

A horse whisperer usually spends years involved in the study of horses and their behaviour. They learn about reading the silent albeit incredibly powerful communication of their body language. From their facial expressions to their ear movements, and even flicking their tails of stomping their feet, horses express their emotions in very clear terminology for those who know how to read it.

If a horse has suffered abuse or trauma at the hands of people or via an accident, he or she could end up developing altered behaviour that the horse’s owners are having difficulty dealing with. A horse can even become labelled as dangerous. In cases such as these, the owners could call in an expert in horse whispering to help.

These days, many horse-lovers worldwide have been learning as much as they possibly can about holistic horsemanship. This can be instrumental in the avoidance of any difficulties that could arise in the future with their horses. And, this is a very good idea. Perhaps we should all take a hint from them and learn the lesson that understanding animals more can lead to a better life for all of us.